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Club Rules

Rules & Regulation to be followed in the Club House.

List of Rules
  • The Bombay Presidency Golf Club Ltd. is spread over an area of 90 acres. With an 18 Hole Golf Course which starts at 6.30 a.m. and is open for play the rest of the day till sunset. (except on Monday, when the club is closed. But members can only practice. The Main Club House opens every morning at 6.00 a.m. and closes at 11.00 p.m. The Main Club House is open to Members, their wives, children and guests.
  • Boys under the age of 21 and girls till their marriage are Considered as member’s dependent children. Jr. Members, dependent and lady members are not permitted to introduce guests in the club. Member’s children are permitted to sign for catering supplies.
  • Members, their spouse and children must carry club identity cards at all times when using the club.
  • Members are permitted to introduce guests normally accepted in good social circles and ensure that the said guest has not been collectively introduced more than 4 times in a month. Elaborately speaking no individual guest can be introduced more than 4 times in a month. Any lapse in entering guests in the guest book is viewed by the committee as a misconduct and apart from a penal fee being charged it is likely to cause a ruling against the member. The conduct of a guest is the responsibility of the member and any misbehavior or violations of rules by a guest shall be answerable by the members. The above procedures are important and must be strictly observed by the members.
  • Photography of any description in any area of the club is strictly prohibited unless specifically permitted by the secretary.
  • The conduct of a staff member shall in no instance be made a matter of personal reprimand by a member. Any complaint regarding the staff or domestic arrangement should be made by a letter signed by the member and addressed to the secretary. A complaint / suggestion book is placed with the hall porter which may be used by members.
  • No member shall give any gratuity to any member of the staff.
  • Members may reserve different areas of the club for private parties. They must personally make the booking in reservation office. A member must be present at the party booked by him. All invitation cards must be issued with the member’s name as the host and a copy of the same must be sent to the secretary. Invitation cards to a party at the club are not permitted to be issued in the name of a nonmembers. Members are required to ensure that guests at parties are persons who are accepted in general society and are always appropriately dressed accordingly to dress rules of the club.