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About Us

It all began in 1927, with the founding of a club with the rather unimaginative name of “The New Club Ltd.”, at Sewree on reclaimed land belonging to the port trust. The ground was over grown with weeds, and it was difficult to cut the long grass, so it was not very difficult for Mr. Carron, the chief engineer, to persuade the trust to sell 100 acres of it for the purpose of golf at a monthly rental of Rs. 150/- In 1937, 25 acres were purchased from St. Anthony’s Home Co-op Society for Rs. 37,000/- In 1943, a large tract of land to the left of the Club House was requisitioned by the Military authorities to house the Officers and the men of ‘Combined Operations’. The land would de-requisitioned and come back to the club, but Mr. Morarji Desai, by then probably the Chief Minister, passing by on a drive, happened to hear of this, and passed orders for it to be de-requisitioned immediately, and acquired it on behalf of the Government. This became a home for the refugees from Sind, whose descendants are still our neighbors across the wall which was built later. Mr. T.W.Brough, President of the Club from 1948 to 1950 sold the club some more land at much less than the market price, a truly generous act. Had we not been forced to give up the acreage we did, the course would have been able to spread itself out, the length would have been considered truly challenging.

The BPGC is the most prestigious golf club in Mumbai & in 2007 underwent extensive redesign & modifications to the course. It’s a very demanding course & has a large member community that is largely focused on golf.